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U purline cable tray roll forming machine

One of the main advantages of U-shaped cable tray roll forming machines is their ability to produce consistent and accurate results. The machine is equipped with precision engineering and high-quality components to ensure that each cable tray meets the required specifications. This not only increases productivity but also reduces waste and costly rework.

In addition, the roll forming machine offers production flexibility, allowing quick changeover between different cable tray sizes and configurations. This means manufacturers can easily adapt to different customer needs and market trends without sacrificing efficiency or quality.

In addition, the U-shaped steel cable tray roll forming machine has a solid structure and reliable performance, which is durable and has a long service life. Its low maintenance requirements and high uptime make it a valuable asset to any cable tray manufacturing operation.

Roll former


Max production speed

Sheet thickness

Material width

Shaft diameter


cable tray

30-40 m/min





cable tray

30-40 m/min




Product Detail

Product Tags

Technical Parameter

  Items Specifications
Material of coil Material Width 200-950mm
Material Thickness 0.8-2.0mm
Uncoiler 6 tons manual
Forming system Rolling Speed 20-40m/min
Roller Stations 18 stations
Roller Material CR12MOV
Shaft DIA 70mm
Main Motor Power 22kw
Cutting system Material Of Cutting SKD11(import from JAPAN)
Hydraulic cutting Power 11kw

control system

Electric Source 380V, 50HZ,3 phase
Control System PLC (MISUBUSHI)


Technological Process

Uncoiler—Feeding—Leveling—Punching & Cutting—Roll forming—Output table

After-sales Service

Technical Support
Fully providing technology supports both within and after the warranty period. Feed back to our customers at the first time.
Spare Parts
Promptly providing spare parts and wearing parts.
Italian technology German quality perforated u roll forming machine.

Machine Components

No. Item Quantity
1 Uncoiler 1 Set
2 leveler 1 set
3 Servo Feeder 1 Set
4 Press machine Punching die 1 Set
5 Lintel Roll Former 1 Set
6 Cutting table 1 Set
7 Hydraulic Station 1 Set
8 Transmission and packing table 2 Sets
9 Electrical control Cabinet 1 Set

A cable tray roll forming machine is a type of industrial machine that is specifically designed to produce cable trays of various sizes, shapes, and material types. It consists of a series of rollers through which a metal strip or sheet is fed, and by using a series of forming rollers, it forms the cable tray profile, i.e., ladder or perforated type. These machines are widely used in the electrical and communication industries, mainly to organize and support cables and wires in buildings and industrial plants. The cable tray roll forming machine can be customized to produce various types of cable trays according to specific requirements.

Layout of Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine

Flow Chart

Our Advantage

We are a factory with over 10 years' experiences on manufacturing Roll Forming Machines.
We have our own powerful research and development team.
We have more than 15 technicians.
Engineers with more than 20 years experience.
We have advanced Laser Cutting Machine, CNC Machining Center, Polishing Line, Painting Line, etc. These advanced production equipment guarantee that the good quality of each part and the appearance of our machines.
Our machines have reached the International Inspection Standards.

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perforated u purlin roll forming2

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