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Scaffold decking roll forming machine

Roll former Product Max production speed Sheet thickness Material width Shaft diameter Yield strength
SHM-FSD70 Scaffold deck 15-30m/min 2.0-3.0mm 50-300mm 70mm 250 – 550 Mpa
SHM-FSD80 Scaffold deck 15-30m/min 2.5-4.0mm 300-600mm 80mm 250 – 550 Mpa

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The Scaffold Panel Roll Forming Machine is a game-changing piece of equipment that has revolutionized the production process of scaffold panels. With its cutting-edge design and advanced features, the machine enables manufacturers to manufacture high-quality scaffolding platforms quickly and efficiently. Its precision roller setting and automatic feeding system ensure consistent and accurate production, while its durable cutting system produces clean and precise cuts every time. What's more, scaffolding deck roll forming machines are easy to operate and require minimal maintenance, making them an ideal investment for any manufacturer looking to optimize production processes and increase profitability.

The steel panels produced by the scaffold panel forming machine are durable and have excellent load-bearing capacity, which ensures the safety of workers on the scaffold platform.

Metal scaffold decking roll forming machine3
Metal scaffold decking roll forming machine4
Metal scaffold decking roll forming machine5
Metal scaffold decking roll forming machine6


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