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Systems C Strut Channel Roll Forming Machine

Product Max production speed Sheet thickness Material width Shaft diameter Yield strength
C channel 30-40 m/min 2.0-3.0mm 50-150mm 70mm 250 – 550 Mpa
C channel 30-40 m/min 2.5-4.0mm 50-150mm 80mm 250 – 550 Mpa
C channel 30-40 m/min 4.0-5.0mm 50-150mm 90mm 250 – 550 Mpa

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A Structural Channel Roll Forming Machine is an industrial machine used to form structural or C-channels from coils of metallic material. These machines use a series of rollers to gradually bend and shape the metal into the desired channel shape, which can then be cut to length and used in various construction projects. Structural channels are commonly used in building construction to provide support and stability to structures such as walls, roofs and floors. Fabricating these channels using a roll forming machine offers several advantages, including precision forming, high production speeds, and the ability to produce channels with consistent dimensions. The exact design and capabilities of a structural channel roll forming machine will vary by manufacturer and intended use, but most machines will include multiple sets of rolls, control systems to adjust speed and shape, and Feed system and other functions.

SIHUA C Rail STRUCT Roll Forming Machine
Profile Material A) Galvanized strip Thickness(MM): 1.5-2.5mm
B) Black strip
C) Carbon strip
Yield strength 250 - 550 Mpa
Tensil stress G250 Mpa-G550 Mpa
 parts of production line Optional choice
Decoiler Hydraulic single decoiler * Hydraulic Double decoiler
Punching system Hydraulic punching station * Punching press machine (Optional)
Forming station 20-35 steps (up to customers’ drawing)
Main machine motor brand TECO/ABB/Siemens SEW
Driving system Gearbox drive * Gearbox drive
Machine structure Box structure machine base   Box structure machine base
Forming speed 10-15m/min 20-35m/min
Rollers’ material CR12MOV(dongbei steel) Cr12mov(dongbei steel)
Cutting system Slowly positioning cutting system Shearing positioning cutting system
Frequency changer brand YASKAWA SEW
PLC brand Mitsubishi * Siemens (Optional)
Shear system SIHUA(import from Italy) SIHUA(import from Italy)
Power supply 380V 50Hz 3ph * Or according to your requirment
Machine color White/gray * Or according to your requirment
Electric control system
leveler of struct roll forming machine
struct channel roll forming machine (2)


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