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Scaffolding Board Steel Roll Forming Machine

Roll former Product Max production speed Sheet thickness Material width Shaft diameter Yield strength
SHM-FSD70 Scaffold deck 15-30m/min 2.0-3.0mm 50-300mm 70mm 250 – 550 Mpa
SHM-FSD80 Scaffold deck 15-30m/min 2.5-4.0mm 300-600mm 80mm 250 – 550 Mpa

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Introducing the Scaffold Deck Roll Forming Machine - a state-of-the-art machine that redefines the way scaffold decks are produced. The machine is designed with superior technology, has an efficient automatic feeding system and adjustable roller settings, which can quickly and easily customize scaffolding panels of different thicknesses and lengths. Its precision cutting system ensures precise and clean cuts without the need for further processing. With their high-speed production capabilities and unrivaled precision, scaffolding deck roll forming machines are an indispensable tool for manufacturers looking to increase productivity and expand profits.

A scaffolding panel roll forming machine is a must for any scaffolding manufacturer or contractor as it can quickly and efficiently produce high quality steel panels for scaffolding systems of all types and sizes.

Metal scaffold decking roll forming machine3
Scaffolding Board Steel Roll Forming Machine1
Metal scaffold decking roll forming machine5
Metal scaffold decking roll forming machine6


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