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SIHUA main channel furring roll forming machine


Max production speed

Coil thickness

Coil width


30 m/min




60 m/min




90 m/min




120 m/min



Product Detail

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Model NO.SHM-QU60/ SHM-QC60 Feature

1. Decoiler: Double-headed de-coilder Fast and easy loading 2 PC coil.

2. High speed high precision roll forming machine European design and high precision working table for accurate profile forming and durable machine.

High speed high precision shear cutting roll forming machine.

3. Flying shear Cutting table, stable and high speed control cutting length with 0.3mm per 3M using German shear controller.

4. Hydraulic station:Save energy,stable hydraulic output system.

International brand spare parts for reduce maintenance cost.

5. Electricity system:Human interface show all function and easy control product line and easy maintenance.

6. Transmission And packing table :Fast output finished products.

Technical Parameters of main channel forming machine

No. Items Quantity
1 Double de-coiler   1set
2.1 Roll forming machine base 1set
2.3 Cassette furring roller 1 set
3.1 Single shear cutting unit 1set
4 5.5KW Hydraulic station 1set
5 Midle electric control system 1 set
6 Safety fence optional

Company Information
Our company mainly specializes in automatic high speed flying shears cold roll forming equipment. After 18 years of technology accumulation and precipitation, our company serves enterprises all around the world in the field of cold roll forming high speed cutting and automatic packaging, which gets high praise. We submit the key project for the customers, from the product designing to production management.
Our company has a complete and scientific quality management system, and we have a broad research in manufacturing automation building materials production equipment. Welcome friends from all fields to visit, offer guidance and negotiate business with us.

Our After-sales Service
Low maintenance cost: our equipment has a warranty of one year and we only charge the repair cost outside one year.
Easy maintenance: our equipment has been standardized and integration.there are alarm system can show all problems position
Internet maintenance: no matter where you are in, as long as connecting to the Internet, you can get online fault diagnosis and repair.

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