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120m per min stud and track roll forming machine

GI drywall profiles drawing

UW profile: U50/75/100/125/150

CW-EU profile C48.4/73.8/98.8/123.8/148.8

CW-IT profile
Product speed is 80M per min-120M per min

Product thickness is 0.5-1mm

Punching speed is 80m per min

No punching speed is 120m per min

Product length tolerance 0.3mm per 3m

Total power: 79.4 kw

Voltage: 400v 3-phase 50/60hz or as custom need

Motor in roll forming machine: 22KW+1.8kw*3

Motor in hydraulic station power is 15kw

Servo motor in shear cutting table is 22kw+15kw



Production process: De-coiler →roll forming profile →cutting table →packing table (hydraulic system given power to punching) all parts were control by electrical control system

Length*width: 18M *3.6M

Product Detail

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Offer of multiple drywall profile production line

No. Items


1 Double de-coiler   1set
2.1 Roll forming machine base 1set
2.2 Automatic change width rollers for Cw-it profile
Cw-eu profile
Cu profile
2.3 Rotary punching unit 1 set
3.1 Double Shear cutting and punching unit 1set
4 Big Hydraulic station 1set
5 Big Electric control system 1 set
6 Safety fence 1

A 120M PER MIN STUD AND TRACK ROLL FORMING MACHINE is a type of specialized equipment used in the construction industry for producing metal studs and tracks. These studs and tracks are commonly used in framing walls, ceiling grids, and floor joists. This machine is fully automated and computer-controlled, allowing for precise production at high speeds of up to 120 meters per minute. The machine works by feeding metal sheets through a series of rollers that form the material into the desired shape for studs and tracks. The final product is cut to the desired length and can be used directly in construction projects without the need for further processing. This type of machine is commonly used in the manufacturing industry for producing high volumes of metal studs and tracks efficiently and accurately.



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