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SIHUA automatic quality and hot sale rack upright roll forming machine

Roll former


Max production speed

Sheet thickness

Material width

Shaft diameter

Yield strength



15-30 m/min




250 – 550 Mpa



15-30 m/min




250 – 550 Mpa

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Machine Description

This machine takes galvanized steel or cold rolled steel as the raw materials, through the a series steps to form it into a shelving profile with specific shape and size.
The forming steps devices include decoiler, Feeding and Leveling Device, Punching device, main forming mill, hydraulic post-cutter.
The inverter controls the motor speed, the PLC system controls length and quantity automatically, therefore, the machine achieves a continuous automatic production, which is the ideal equipment for cold roll forming industry.

Parameter of Rack Upright Roll Forming Machine

Article No. Item Name Specification
1 Width of feeding material As ur need profile
Thickness of feeding material max 3.0 mm coil sheet
3 Roller station 17-22stations
4 Shaft Diameter  55-95 mm
5 Productivity 15-25 m/min
6 Rollers' material CR12MOV
7  Shaft material  45# steel
8 Weight 19 ton
9 length 25-35m
10 Voltage 380V 50Hz 3phases
11 Control  PLC
12 Decoiler 8 Tons
13 Motor 22kw
14 Driving way Gear box
15 Electrical control system PLC
16 Cutting system Hydraulic cutter

A rack upright roll forming machine is a specialized manufacturing equipment used to manufacture uprights for pallet racking systems. These machines use a series of rollers and dies to shape and form sheet metal into the desired shape and size for the rack uprights. The machine can work with various materials such as cold rolled steel, galvanized steel, or stainless steel, and it can produce uprights with varying thicknesses and dimensions to meet the specific requirements of different pallet racking systems. The resulting uprights are durable, reliable, and able to withstand heavy loads and frequent use in warehouses and logistics facilities.

Profile is as Follow

Drawing Of Rack Upright Shelf Profile



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